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Recent Pro-Choice Letters

This weekend saw some great letters printed in Ohio newspapers defending women’s health care. Are you interested in speaking up for reproductive rights? Contact us for tips, and check out the letters below. We’ve included an excerpt of each, click the headlines for more.

Right to Life leader distorted clinic details
Columbus Dispatch, 8/16/15

Since preventing unintended pregnancies would mean far fewer abortions, one might think that anti-abortion crusaders such as Gonidakis would be among birth control’s biggest cheerleaders. One would be wrong.

Dale Butland, Columbus

Women’s well-being is sacrificed for agenda

Columbus Dispatch, 8/15/15

Gov. John Kasich has enacted 16 anti-women’s health measures, stripping more than $1 million in federal family-planning programs from Planned Parenthood. The people of Ohio cannot afford to be put at risk while our state and federal legislators advance their personal political agendas at the expense of the public’s health and welfare.

Jennifer McNally, Bexley
Trustee, Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio

Women do not have abortions for profit

Columbus Dispatch, 8/17/15

Is one ready to tell a parent whose child could benefit from medical research, “Sorry, your child will have to die because we passed a law that tissue from abortions must be thrown away”?

Ann, Athens

Defending Planned Parenthood

Akron Beacon Journal, 8/15/15

A Planned Parenthood checkup revealed cancerous cells on my cervix. Cryosurgery, performed by a physician with whom the Planned Parenthood clinic had a partnership, ensured that these cells were removed. Without Planned Parenthood, I could not afford the checkups that were so vital to my health. My experience is common.

Cat, New Franklin

Family planner wrongly smeared

Toledo Blade, 8/15/15 

It is offensive that “Christian” anti-abortion activists would try to destroy Planned Parenthood’s reputation with an outrageous and false smear campaign. Don’t approve of abortion? Don’t have one. Don’t approve of contraceptives? Don’t use them. Don’t approve of fetal tissue used for medical research? Too bad.

Julia, Gunckel Boulevard

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