NARAL’s The Morning After — September 24, 2015

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This week, Jaime, Randi, and Gabe discuss the Emmys and the terrific speech by Viola Davis. Ms. Davis gets our That’s What She Said of the week for shining a light on racial inequality in roles for women. They also talk about Uzo Aduba, who won a supporting actress award for Orange is the New Black.

The US Senate blocked a 20-week abortion ban, and is still considering defunding Planned Parenthood. The most extreme opponents of abortion rights in Congress, led by Ohio’s Jim Jordan, are threatening to shut down the federal government is defunding language is not passed.

At the state level, defunding Planned Parenthood continues to be discussed, as does the bill to ban abortion following a positive prenatal diagnosis of Down syndrome. John Kasich promised to sign that bill, which earned him this week’s Walk of Shame.

We talk about Ohio’s Issue 1, which would fix legislative districts. NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio has endorsed Issue 1.

The #ShoutYourAbortion and #MenForChoice twitter campaigns were a success this week.

The Title IX Sports Report returns to celebrate Kent State Kicker April Goss becomes the second woman ever to score a point in an NCAA football game.

Finally, we invite you to join us at two Comedy for Choice events in the Let’s Get It On segment.

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