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So how come you guys always ask for money?

So how come you guys always ask for money?

I often hear from people that want to know why we send letters and emails asking you to contribute to NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio. Sometimes they’re curious about where our funding comes from. Sometimes they’re confused, because they say they’ve just given. Sometimes they’re mad because they say we waste money on postage by mailing request letters every month or so. So let’s get to the bottom of this, shall we?

The first thing to understand about us is that we’re actually organized as three distinct entities: NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation, and NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio PAC.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio is the heart of the organization: gifts to it allow us to lobby on behalf of pro-choice bills and pro-choice candidates—think of it as our core Statehouse team. Donations there are the critical fuel for what we do, but because of the political nature of the work, you can’t deduct those donations on your taxes.

Same with our PAC: that’s where we make contributions directly to the candidates for public office that are 100% committed to preserving abortion access and expanding reproductive rights. We screen and endorse candidates through NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, but we give them the money they need to get elected through our PAC. With the 2018 elections coming up, gifts to the PAC are more important than ever!

Finally, the Foundation supports our research and educational programming. If you itemize your tax-deductible donations, gifts to the Foundation will count.

As for those other questions? We get some of our money from grants to the Foundation to fund special projects. Those dollars are restricted, which means they can’t be spent on our political work. That’s also true for the individual donations we receive from people’s workplace giving campaigns through Community Shares of Mid-Ohio and Greater Cleveland Community Shares: those go to the Foundation to support our educational outreach programs. That means that most of our crucial work at the Statehouse is funded by our individual members–people sending in checks or donating online.

We don’t get money from NARAL Pro-Choice America, and that’s I think where a lot of confusion arises. While we are proud to be the state affiliate of NPCA, we’re a completely separate organization, so your membership gift to them isn’t the same as your membership gift to us.

When you contribute to NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio, you’re making sure that the hard work of fighting for abortion rights in Ohio happens. Same with Planned Parenthood: Because no one should have to fight this fight alone, and NARAL fights day in and day out to protect Planned Parenthood, as well as the wonderful independent abortion and family planning providers in Ohio, so they can continue to provide quality reproductive health care in our communities.

Please keep our work strong and powerful. Give generously. We mail requests four times a year, and email a few times in between. Whether you give once, twice, or monthly (that’s what I do), we want you to know how much we appreciate it. We are a membership organization. You are our members. Together, we’ll fight to preserve the rights we’ve worked so hard to secure. Thanks for all you do!

For choice,
Pam McKee
Development Director
NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio

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