Blocking the six-week abortion ban

NARAL’s The Morning After is a production of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.


This week, Kelley, Hannah, and Gabe discuss the rally, hearings, and — SURPRISE! — lack of vote from the Ohio Senate committee hearing the bill. Without that vote today, the bill sponsors will likely be unable to pass the bill AND override a governor’s veto before the end of the year.

Opposing the bill, our Kellie Copeland has an op-ed in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Once a woman has made the decision to end a pregnancy, she needs access to safe, legal abortion care in her community. Period. Bodily autonomy is a human right and has a powerful impact on women’s health, educational attainment, career trajectory, and ability to obtain and preserve economic security.

Yesterday, 31 people testified before the committee, including Kelley, Hannah, and our own Jaime Miracle. Committee video available on OhioChannel.org.

While this bill may be dead, other restrictions could still be passed next week. Email your Ohio senators and representatives to oppose ALL abortion bans and restrictions.

Find info on upcoming events on our Facebook event page:


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