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This week, Jaime and Randi are back! They joined Gabe to discuss all the ways Sen. Sherrod Brown is working to save the world. Specifically, he’s a key voice in opposition to the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court. Immediately following Gorsuch’s nomination, Sen. Brown issued a statement listing ways he is an inappropriate choice for the high court:

The people of Ohio deserve Supreme Court Justices who will defend the rights of working families over Wall Street and corporate special interests – and Judge Gorsuch’s record doesn’t pass that test. I cannot support any nominee who does not recognize that corporations are not people. The Supreme Court has enormous influence over the lives of everyday Ohioans, and any nominee must be willing to defend their rights to make their own healthcare decisions, collectively bargain for safe workplaces and fair pay, and to be protected from discrimination and Wall Street greed.

In addition to the Gorsuch nomination, Sen. Brown has issued a 77-page plan to improve lives of working Americans. Read coverage in the Columbus Dispatch, find his statement here, and read the full plan.

In Dispatch coverage this morning, the paper examines Sen. Brown’s role as critical voice for Democrats.


State Rep. Emilia Strong Sykes (D-Akron) sponsored House Bill 1, which passed the Ohio House on Tuesday. Her bipartisan legislation to modernize Ohio’s domestic violence laws is joint-sponsored by Rep. Nathan Manning (R-N. Ridgeville). HB 1 will allow victims of dating violence to obtain civil protective orders against their attacker, a protection currently allowed in every state except Ohio and Georgia.

For far too long, Ohio’s antiquated domestic violence laws have left thousands of Ohioans vulnerable to dating violence. My colleagues and I agree: it is past time to pull Ohio out of the dark ages and join the rest of the country in protecting victims of abuse. I am pleased we were able to come together in a bipartisan manner to help bring Ohio’s domestic violence protections into the 21st Century.

The vote was not unanimous. After the initial announcement that the bill passed 93-0, two members of the House quietly changed from “not voting” to registering “No” votes on the bill. You can join us in asking Rep. Nino Vitale and Rep. Tom Brinkman why they oppose protecting victims of domestic violence by sharing these photos on Facebook.

Join NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio and our coalition partners at an event near you:
(* NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio sponsored events)

3/9/17 in Cleveland
Controversial Coverage: Faith and the Fight to Insure Contraceptives
Professor Jessie Hill brings a longstanding interest and expertise in access to contraception, dating to when she worked at the Reproductive Freedom Project of the national ACLU office in New York, litigating challenges to state-law restrictions on reproductive rights. She will explore recent trends in law and legislation pertaining to this important topic.

3/11/17 in Columbus
Columbus Learn and Take Action brunch
At this brunch we will focus on what’s happening at the Statehouse (budget and abortion restrictions) as well as Capitol Hill and end with an action on writing letters of support to Senator Sherrod Brown to keep up the fight over the upcoming Supreme Court nomination.

3/16/17 in Toledo
Roe Together – Toledo activist bootcamp
We know 2017 will bring many challenges to abortion access and reproductive health care in Ohio. What we need to learn is how to fight and who will stand with us. The Freedom of Choice Ohio coalition is hosting a series of activist bootcamps training. Join us and you’ll learn about legislation, messaging, and tactics to continue the fight for sexual freedom.

3/21/17 in Cincinnati
NARAL & PPGOH WOC Repro Freedom presents: Pens to Pictures
Hosted by NARAL Pro Choice Ohio & Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio Women of Color Repro Freedom: Pens to Pictures is a filmmaking collaborative that teaches and empowers incarcerated women to make their own short films, from script to screen. During its inaugural year in 2016, five films were made in partnership between women in Dayton Correctional Institution and the Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Pennsylvania artist communities. A screening of all 5 of these incredible short films will be followed by a Q & A panel of speakers who work at the intersection of Reproductive Health/Rights and Criminal Justice.

3/23/17 in Columbus
NARAL and Planned Parenthood Learn and Take Action Night
Hosted by NARAL Pro Choice Ohio & Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio : If you missed our awesome Roe Together bootcamp ( or you did attend but want more info and organizing training) then this is your chance to get updates on what’s happening at the Statehouse and how you can get your voice heard.

3/25/17 in Columbus
Swap For Our Sisters
Empty your closets of unwanted items that are gently, barely or never used (clothes, dressy scarves, outerwear, shoes, costume jewelry, sunglasses and purses) and bring them to St Stephen’s Episcopal Church on March 24 between 4:30-8pm to get your “golden ticket” that allows you to take unlimited items at the swap the next day.

3/30/17 in Dayton
Dayton NARAL & PP Learn and Take Action night
Hosted by NARAL Pro Choice Ohio & Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio : If you missed our awesome Roe Together bootcamp ( or you did attend but want more info and organizing training) then this is your chance to get updates on what’s happening at the Statehouse and how you can get your voice heard.

3/30/17 in Canton
Microphone Training
NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Foundation will train volunteers in communications techniques that fill in the gaps of inadequate or incomplete media coverage; add balance to biased and one-sided reporting; pursue topics and points of view that are being ignored. We will also prepare Ohioans for the ramifications of the pending Supreme Court decision on abortion access, as well as the confirmation battle to fill the vacancy on the Court.

4/27/17 in Cleveland
Preterm Bowl-a-thon
The Preterm Access Fund provides financial assistance to our low-income and uninsured patients so they can afford compassionate, high-quality abortion care at Preterm. The money you raise will give our patients the freedom to make the best decisions for their lives and their families.

4/29/17 in Columbus
Women Have Options — Ohio Bowl-a-thon
Every year, WHO/O supporters take it to the alleys — the bowling alleys — to raise money for abortion access in Ohio! Here’s how it works: get a few friends together to start a team or join a team and help us bowl over barriers to abortion access.

5/3/17 in Columbus
* Freedom of Choice Ohio Lobby Day
Mark your calendars!

NARAL’s The Morning After is a production of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio.


Help build a pro-choice Ohio. Every day, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio fights to protect access to the full range of reproductive health care options—including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and safe & legal abortion care. We educate the public about the real threat to women’s healthcare posed by anti-choice legislation and policies. We mobilize pro-choice Ohioans to take political action to defend reproductive rights. And we are the voice for Ohio’s abortion clinics, helping them navigate the increasingly hostile climate created by extremist groups. But we need your help. As a member organization, we rely on your financial support to fund our important legislative, educational, and grassroots activities.

Contribute to NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio

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