NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Executive Director Kellie Copeland made her personal endorsement for Vice President of the United States:

We have arrived at the point in the presidential election when speculation about who candidates will choose as their running mates has become widespread.

On the Republican side, it seems nobody wants to tie their political future to Donald Trump. Even Ohio’s Governor John Kasich said through a spokesman that there’s “a less-than-zero percent chance” he would become Trump’s running mate.

The Democrats? Who could bring the requisite combination of experience, personality, and political power to the ticket? Rumored names on Hillary Clinton’s short list include our friend Senator Sherrod Brown of Ohio, as well as Senators Tim Kaine of Virginia, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. Other names mentioned include Rep. Xavier Beccera of California, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro of Texas, and Labor Secretary Tom Perez.

I propose adding another name to that list: Representative Gwen Moore of Wisconsin.

e6c0e42016e81d79773cd2f63fb8a559Gwen Moore is qualified, having served in Congress since 2004, where she sits on both Committee on Financial Services and the House Budget Committee. In those roles, she has worked on everything from the federal budget to the U.S.’s relationship with multilateral development. She has dealt with finance organizations like the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Prior to her time in Congress, she served in the Wisconsin legislature for 15 years.

The woman has the chops.

Throughout her career, Moore has taken on the tough issues that are top on the minds of voters today, including racial profiling, reproductive justice, job creation, college affordability, and voting rights.

To see just how impressive she really is, watch her passionate defense of abortion access during one of the many fights over funding for Planned Parenthood in Congress.

In addition to being a powerful speaker, Moore has a creative and relatable approach to making her point. She is currently in the news for introducing the Top 1% Accountability Act of 2016, a bill that takes aim at the very rich — those claiming $150,000 or more in tax deductions — by requiring them to either pass a drug test or claim a much lower standardized deduction.

Having at one time received welfare benefits, Moore crafted the legislation as a response to Republican proposals that would require those applying for food stamps or other assistance to submit to drug testing.

She said:

It is my sincere hope that my bill will help eradicate the stigma associated with poverty.

This leads me to perhaps the most important reason to consider Gwen Moore for the VP slot — her lived experience.

As a Black single mom who was once on welfare and put herself through college, she understands all too well the stigma and challenges so many of us face. Moore would be a voice on the national stage for the many Americans that feel left out and left behind.

That would make her a valuable counselor and powerful partner in Hillary Clinton’s quest for the White House.

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