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Kasich Says One Thing On Abortion, But Does Another

Comments made this week by Gov. John Kasich appear to show a moderate view on abortion. In response to a question about abortion rights, Kasich said: “Obviously, it’s the law of the land now, and we live with the law of the land.”

However, his record reveals a more accurate picture, having signed into law 16 policies that harm women’s access to reproductive health care and abortion, including defunding Planned Parenthood. When Kasich was in Congress, he voted 118 times against reproductive rights.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio Executive Director Kellie Copeland said:

One in three women in the United States will make the decision to have an abortion. It is critically important that they can access safe, legal abortion care. Half of Ohio’s abortion clinics have closed since Kasich took office. Kasich can pretend to be a moderate, but his extreme record shows a complete disrespect for the law of the land and for women’s health. He is a phony.

Since becoming governor of Ohio in 2011, John Kasich has:

  • Banned insurance coverage of abortions (2011, HB 79)
  • Added barriers to minors seeking an abortion (2011, HB 63)
  • Banned abortion at 24 weeks, without exceptions for women’s health, or rape/incest (2011, HB 78)
  • Banned abortions at public hospitals, without exceptions for women’s health, or rape/incest(2011, HB 153)
  • Banned local governments from offering abortion insurance (2011, HB 153)
  • Banned rape counselors from discussing abortion (2013, HB 59)
  • Defunded Planned Parenthood (2013, HB 59)
  • Required all abortion providers to have a “transfer agreement” with a local hospital. (2013, HB 59)
  • Banned public hospitals from having transfer agreements with abortion providers (2013, HB 59)
  • Required women to receive biased information before an abortion (2013, HB 59)
  • Required a forced ultrasound before an abortion (2013, HB 59)
  • Created a program to support anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers (2013, HB 59)
  • Required a 30-mile limit on transfer agreements (2015, HB 64)
  • Required an automatic denial on abortion clinic license applications after 60 days (2015, HB 64)
  • Eliminated coverage of a Medicaid family planning program (2015, HB 64)
  • Funded crisis pregnancy centers with $1,000,000 of tax dollars (2015, HB 64)

Supporters of NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio are joined by the national NARAL organization, which is asking presidential candidates to #OwnIt and admit to their anti-abortion records. Gov. Kasich’s failing grade with women will continue to be a part of their discussion of the 2016 presidential election. Information on Gov. Kasich’s record can be found at: https://ownit2016.com/candidates/kasich/

Help build a pro-choice Ohio. Every day, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio fights to protect access to the full range of reproductive health care options—including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and safe & legal abortion care. We educate the public about the real threat to women’s healthcare posed by anti-choice legislation and policies. We mobilize pro-choice Ohioans to take political action to defend reproductive rights. And we are the voice for Ohio’s abortion clinics, helping them navigate the increasingly hostile climate created by extremist groups. But we need your help. As a member organization, we rely on your financial support to fund our important legislative, educational, and grassroots activities.

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