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Kasich: Trump Doesn’t Bother Me.

Today I woke up to this headline:

John Kasich: Trump’s Behavior ‘Just Doesn’t Seem to Bother Me.’

Are you kidding me? Doesn’t bother you? I guess its nice to be privileged enough so that blatant sexism doesn’t have to ruin your day. But as the Governor of Ohio, a husband, and a father of two teen-aged daughters you should be outraged. You should be responding at the top of your lungs all day and every day.

The statements of Trump are not ones we can simply ignore and hope they go away. Ignoring these kinds of statements has gotten us to where we are today. Silence gives permission, responding, especially from privileged white men like John Kasich, is the only way we start to make a difference.

Just this weekend someone else did take a stand. Each year radio host Erick Erickson hosts the RedState Gathering, and on Saturday morning Erickson took the stage and announced that he had disinvited Donald Trump. In doing so he told the crowd, “If our standard-bearer has to resort to that, then we need a new standard bearer.”

Not responding is not “staying out of the fray” or “not taking the bait.” Not responding is allowing these statements to go unchecked. Kasich shows that he doesn’t care about women when he fails to challenge Trump’s ridiculous statements.

When you start to think about Kasich’s record, this refusal to respond is completely aligned with Kasich’s previous statements and his track record as an elected official. This is a man that referred to his wife as “my hot wife” in his 2012 State of the State Speech.

Later that same year in a speech at a Romney/Ryan rally Kasich talked about how is wife, along with the wives of Paul Ryan and Rob Portman were too busy to come to the rally because they were “at home doing the laundry.”

His policies put these words into action. Kasich has signed 16 different policies into law that restrict access to abortion care. Kasich’s feelings about women also spread to his Governor’s office. According to a report from Plunderbund half of the staff in his office were women. But of the 17 top positions, only four were women. It’s not just Trump that Kasich wants to ignore, it’s the women of Ohio, and he hopes that we ignore him too. Well, sir, that is never going to happen. You may stay silent on Trump, but we will not stay silent on your record.

While looking for the video included in this post we came across this quote from Kasich’s 2012 State of the State: “We’re the Saudi Arabia of coal.”

Under Gov. John Kasich, Ohio is quickly becoming the Saudi Arabia of women’s rights.


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