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Debate #1: Wedge issues for wedge candidates

It was interesting last night to see who shined and who disappeared while on stage. The debate started out by asking the candidates to promise to support whoever the nominee is and to not run as an independent candidate, which Donald Trump, of course, refused to do. He was also called out by Megyn Kelley for speaking negatively of women and he tried to laugh it off by saying “only Rosie O’Donnell.”

As the debate went along, I was quite surprised and annoyed by the fact that they (the Fox News moderators) hardly asked any questions about what the American people want to talk about. Facebook, who was their major co-sponsor, did a poll of the top five things that people wanted to hear the candidates discuss: Race issues, Mexico, Economy, LGBT issues, and Immigration.

They spent 27 seconds asking about #Blacklivesmatter to one candidate: Scott Walker, who didn’t say “Black Lives Matter” or even say the word race, but instead talked about better training for police officers.

They mentioned race again later to Ben Carson who replied with a generic, we need to stand united because we’re stronger together. Black people do want to be united and feel like we’re apart of the American Dream, but it’s hard to feel that way when you’re being killed in record numbers by the state sanctioned people who are supposed to protect you and none of the GOP (and some of the Democratic) candidates are trying to touch this topic with a 40 foot pole.

Planned Parenthood also received plenty of air time during which Jed Bush bragged that he defunded Planned Parenthood in Florida.

Scott Walker refused to answer whether or not he would let a woman die rather than allow her to receive an abortion.

Marco Rubio blasted back at Megyn Kelley for alleging that he supported exceptions for rape and incest, but Rubio claims that he never supported those exceptions.

While the rhetoric around immigration and gay marriage may have softened over the last 8 years, abortion has been the law of the land for over 40 years and is still labeled as something that is going to send the U.S. to hell in a handbasket and must be stopped even if it means letting women die. Irony?

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