Just what is a Crisis Pregnancy Center? They’re getting your tax dollars, Ohio.

Do you remember the 2013 state budget? You know, the one that was really bad for women? This one:


Ohio Governor John Kasich rubber stamped every bullshit attack on women that Republican legislators could think of. They put awful restrictions on abortion providers that didn’t improve care, but did force some facilities to close. He slapped a gag on rape counselors who wanted to talk to survivors about abortion options. And he gave tons of cash (your tax dollars at work) to crisis pregnancy centers.

These phony-baloney facilities try to look like health care providers, but they don’t provide any real health care. You get an ultrasound, a pack of diapers, and a shame-filled lecture against abortion.

Ohio Right to Life has made new funding for crisis pregnancy centers a priority for the 2015 budget. Check the video from NARAL Pro-Choice California above for insight into CPCs (the Cali CPCs are just as phony as their Ohio cousins).

Help build a pro-choice Ohio. Every day, NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio fights to protect access to the full range of reproductive health care options—including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and legal abortion care. We educate the public about the real threat to women’s healthcare posed by anti-choice legislation and policies. We mobilize pro-choice Ohioans to take political action to defend reproductive rights. And we are the voice for Ohio’s abortion clinics, helping them navigate the increasingly hostile climate created by extremist groups. But we need your help. As a member organization, we rely on your financial support to fund our important legislative, educational, and grassroots activities.

Contribute to NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio


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